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[Darkwave, Neoclassical] (2007) Elend - A World In Their Screams
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(2007) Elend - A World In Their Screams

”What we are trying to achieve in music, among several things, is extreme violence and oppressive darkness, and in particular, the most adequate expression of disruption. The end must be a music that becomes inhuman through its degree of abstraction, the tension between its contrasting elements, and its blows of intensity. The listener needs to be gently but continuously forced to push back the barriers of what he believes to be bearable.”

~Renaud Tschirner (Elend, Various Instrumentals)

Throughout my experience of listening to music I have always enjoyed how certain songs could invoke emotions within me that generally encompassed the realms of sadness, happiness, anger, and even in some cases, hate. Typically it didn’t matter if the song was extremely technical or not, especially farther back in my past it seems, as I could still feel the artist’s intent within the melody that almost seemed to transcend the boundaries between studio and the audio playback that came back to my ears. Throughout all of my musical adventures up to this point, fear is an emotion that I have never felt from any music, no matter how hard the artist tried to “scare” the listener. However, that all changed when I came across Elend’s A World In Their Screams. A World In Their Screams marks the seventh album for the French neoclassical band and also completes their Wind Cycles trilogy of albums as it is the third and final release respectively. The general sound of this album can best be summarized as “orchestral” and “haunting” given the plethora of symphonic instruments incorporated throughout and the truly frightening tale that the vocalists of the band tell over the instruments in the French language. 

01 Ophis Puthon
02 A World In Their Screams
03 Ondes De Sang
04 Le Devoreur
05 Le Fleuve Infini Des Morts
06 Je Rassemblais Tes Membres
07 Stasis
08 Boree
09 La Carriere D'Ombre
10 J'ai Touche Aux Confins De La Mort
11 Urserpens

Country: France
Genre: Darkwave, Neoclassical

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